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How To Get Immediate Response On Email!

Dear Reader,

Want to get instant approval or reply from your manager and HOD for getting things done early.

Let's get started! 😇

Facing challenges in getting rapid approval or information from managers and HODs, with the goal of expediting tasks. However, we tend to overlook their busy schedules and the importance of their time. Consequently, we send extensive communications, which ultimately lead to delays as they need to peruse the entire message before providing their feedback.


  1. Subject:

It serves a vital function in capturing the reader's attention and signalling the email's purpose right from its first word. Here's how to do it from first word.

  • INFO - Write before the subject when you need info or want to share.

  • DECISION - When you need a decision from them.

  • APPROVAL - When you need an approval from them.  

2. BULF:

An acronym for Bottom-Line Up-Front , is a communication technique used by militaries for effective communication. With BLUF, the sender places the most important information at the beginning of the message, in contrast to the conventional approach of burying critical details at the end, after providing extensive background information, which can often dilute the message's impact.

Want to learn more on BLUF. Do click here to watch an effective video on it by Jeff Su .

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