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The Toxic Clockwork of Industry Experience: Is Tenure proportional to redundancy?

I have a large group of friends who are highly experienced assistants and have come all the way from the ‘world of no-computers’, called the traditionalists. In this fast paced Technology Evolution, they sometimes find it hard to cope up and align themselves towards the way the world advances. This leaves them with no other choice but to either gradually phase into redundancy believing that they are not useful to the system anymore or are just the wrong fit to the fabric. Well, if we wind the time backwards to a few years, we were envious of them because they were so rightfully good at work. I am a millennial and I have seen some people wrongly judging the traditionalists based on technical knowledge and nullifying them. I really oppose this idea and believe there is a lot to learn from them and their experience because class room or our MBAs don’t teach us everything that happens in real life.

I do not want to shy away from mentioning the capabilities they possess today and what they can teach us in the current status quo?

Intellectual ingenuity: Imagine your executive asking you random questions and you have to check your phone or one of your apps to recollect? Well, the traditionalists seem to have no problem with this and usually have information on their fingertips. The reason to this is that they use direct intellectual communication and manual information recording contrary to us using technology as a medium which makes us dependant. If we learn to balance and shift our intellectual communication to a more direct form and use Technology as a backup it makes us better at intellectual ingenuity.

The Human angle: The Traditionalists seem to be very talkative as compared to the millennials or the Gen Z, but they are actually networking better which helps get work done faster when we hit roadblocks. Experience is the greatest teacher as we know and learning from people’s experience is the greatest training that you can ever get. So open up and talk to people and let your work be fun and not a production belt at the smelter.

Perseverance: Businesses need leaders who are patient and have the tenacity to stand against the wind. One of the qualities of the tradionalists is their titanium amount of perseverance and they do things at a pace which seems slow to the rest but they are building something seamless. Remember always that large trees grow slower than the plants. Spending time and working with them will help the new EAs to understand the value and contribution perseverance gives to the quality of your work.

Tea and Typing: Well, that’s the KRA as we know of in the tradionalists’ world, but they are not just limited to that. They fought their way all through and evolved through changes and proved to us that we can also survive the AI revolution. They showed a titanium grit and never let their foot down even when some didn’t have a clue of how computers work, they learned, evolved through the process and got successful at it – and that’s how we are going to go to the future and learn to manage the AI solution to the EA Realm.

Customer Centricity: Yes again, they talk a lot. That’s really good because they know how to manage people and talk and sort things out – to each person in their own way. One great value the tradionalists add to the current world is that while we are trying to remove a nail with an axe, they can just do it with a pincer. Their experience is a huge box of tips and methods that can succour our customer centric approach.

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